Pray for Peace

Before my alarm was set to sound off at 5:00 am, I wake up at 4:40.  I glance at my phone & go to Twitter.  First thing I notice is the hash tag #PrayForManchester. In my head, not again.  As I scroll through posts & news sites, my heart sunk from all what I read.  I usually listen to music on my ride to work, but today, I just wanted silence.

When I arrived at work, I noticed a new hash tag #PrayForMarawi.  I’ve never heard of the place before.  So I was shock to learn it is from my homeland Philippines.  Marawi is located south of the country, on the island of Mindanao.  A group called Maute – a radical Islamist group, who want to identify themselves as part of ISIS, which they are not, took over the town. Haunting pictures of the men raising their guns, establishments set on fire — St. Mary’s Church, City Jail, Dansalan College, and reports of the Hospital under siege.

So much information was floating all over Twitter.  Since it was not endorsed by CNN Philippines & GMA Philippine News, I decided not to Re-Post, as it only adds fear.  I quickly gathered facts & prepared to go live on Periscope.  I know, my friends on Periscope will trust what I say & help spread the word.  I stumbled through my words during broadcast, realizing I was overwhelmed with the enormity of what has happened. Whether it is in your town or overseas, it is heart wrenching to imagine.  The pain of loosing a love one.  The agony of still not hearing from your love ones.  The horror of living in fear — knowing there are terrorists outside your door who have taken over the town — hearing bombs & gunfire.

What I can do at the time is #PrayForPeace