2017 Instagram Stories Day 1

My earlier post on discovering Instagram Stories had me motivated to post more content.  But I had no idea what it would transpire in less than 6 hours. 

The brilliant update provided two important elements, hashtags & location. Combining them boosts exposure. 

After officially abandoning Snapchat, I thought about how much time & effort I’ve put in on the app & WENT NOWHERE! I never do silly snaps. I’ve always put out magazine quality images & videos with matching music soundtracks. My snaps never made it on any trending stories or even a recognition from Snapchat on Twitter. 

Seeing my number of views climb every 10 minutes, I was floored. I’m slowly learning what works.  The popular hashtags that is often used for posts, does not work on Instagram Stories. Photography, New York City, United States of America, are ones catches on.  Videos & Boomerangs, are also the most likely to be featured. I managed to squeeze in 3 location stickers, plus the hashtags = it worked wonders. 

I find myself so glued to my phone, clearly addicted now. 

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