A Snapchat MUST

Starting out at Snapchat you probably add 3 to 10 people.  But after a while, you start itching to explore new users.  Not everyone is familiar with GhostCodes.

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PS: Don’t forget to be generous & spread kudos as often 😉


Confessions from last Skating season

Confessions from last Skating season.

Here I am, summer time, facing the skating season ahead.
Last season, I had everything set up accordingly. Month by Month. When the time came the week of competition, I had nothing to give, not even a waltz jump – if necessary.
I look back now & honestly reflect what went wrong & what I could have done differently.

Social Media:
I had let myself get caught up attaining VIP Gold level status. Planning all my broadcasts ahead of time.
Scripts, Music, Events, Locations.
I became so immersed with creating content. It was a month before I was set to compete, my viewership did not hit Periscope’s numbers to hit Gold. So I of course became more furious & knew I had to step it up once again.
I should have been focusing on getting my equipment & program together.
I was known in the past as the last minute skater. I would decide my program the week of competition or exhibition. But of course, I was in shape. I had high confidence that I will be able to hit everything & emote whatever piece I choose.
This time was different. I am older & things do not come naturally. From eating everything in sight, my center is so off, it’s somewhere in the Antartica.

I know, it is silly & foolish of myself to let Social Media dictate my time. But if you know me, I don’t do things half ass. It has to be right & have the ability to be on the same level as the rest of the high caliber Periscopers. Plus, I’m over competitive, a trait I’ve developed as a Dancer & a Skater.

7 months – until Sectionals & Nationals.

Another chance to erase my failures of
2008, 2009, 2012, 2013, 2017.