I’m still here

At a time where social media controls every part of one’s daily routine, I am guilty.

I’m sure my brain cells are in deep slumber while I write this. I’ll openly admit it right now. I’m not a good writer & have no sense when it comes to grammar. So there! To those who love to correct individuals daily.

Great, now I’m tempted to label this as #TuesdayThoughts πŸ˜›

I’ve let social media take over my daily life. From trying to have a SnapStory make it to the public store to gain 1K plus views, to trying have the best picture & hoping it will finally get noticed within Instagram, EyeEm, Samsung Mobile USA, and Tweet endlessly in hopes it’ll get ReTweeted.  I’ve even let myself so infatuated with producing Periscope TV content just to get featured. 

I’m now finally tired from all of it.

Several times, I’ve let the outcome of not getting featured on EyeEm Photography & not getting verified on Twitter dictate my self worth. What a waste of energy. I’ve wasted a day or so moping around, instead of being out and about enjoying the city.

What’s more sad? Me thinking just because someone you know from Periscope or Instagram is in town, that doesn’t mean they want to see you.

Life is too short. Period. I want to live it with no regrets. My life is actually great! The people that are around me today is all I need. No need to complicate things. Everything that has happened, happened for a reason. The people who took time to meet me, I’m grateful and will always treasure. I’m actually done sounding pathetic, messaging and asking if they have the time to meet up.

I ought to go back to basics again. Read my books. Take photos with my camera. Set my phone on ultra power save mode (only apps that are available – phone, internet explorer, text, camera, photo & video album). I’ll try.  I really want to.