SKATING Magazine article (2014)


“Tim David is his own toughest critic.  The skating director at Lasker Skating Rink in New York’s Central Park, David has spent two decades pushing himself to be the best he can be on the ice.

“Skating used to be all competitive in my head” David said. “Nowadays, it’s all about music interpretation”

A regular at the U.S. Adult Championships David is adamant about testing himself regularly.  His goal for the past decade has been to pass his adult gold free skate test and compete in the championship gold men’s event at the U.S. Adult Championships.

His close circle of skating friends and heroes include 1994 Olympic champion Oksana Baiul and 1995 U.S. champion Nicole Bobek.

“Ever since Oksana told me it’s all in my head, I’ve tested myself on the ice, firing off elements by just stepping on and doing one-lap or less” David said.

He has a formula for weekly training in advance of a competition or show: three months beforehand – three days: two months beforehand – four days: the month of the event – five to six days.

“Skating’s much harder as an adult when stamina and metabolism slow down” he said. “I have to work three times harder on and off the ice”

When he does compete at the U.S. Adult Championships, he can count on coaching support from Doug Mattis and Doug Razzano.

David began skating immediately following the 1994 Olympic Winter Games and the Tonya Harding – Nancy Kerrigan saga.  He has invested much effort to succeed through his involvement in skating, including founding, directing, and producing a figure skating benefit for the AIDS Resource Foundation for Children in 2010 & 2011.

“I love having so much support from the figure skating community, my friends and family” David said.

When not skating, David enjoys taking scenic photographs on walks around New York City.



“What’s your Snap?” 

“Do you have IG?” 


“Are you on Twitter?” 

“Do you Scope?” 

“Who do you watch on YouTube?” 


Welcome to 2017 – Social Media world. Hashtag #OMG …

I, along with many do this routine: (Runs into something interesting) 

  1. Takes a photo. 
  2. Posts pic on Instagram Story. Insert 4 to 5 hashtags & minimize under a location or emoji icon. 
  3. Takes a LIVE 15 second clip. 
  4. Repeat hashtags. 
  5. Open up Snapchat & take a couple of pictures. Swipe to Filter Location. Attach SnapCode link. Send to Story & my own Story line. 
  6. Take Snapchat video for 10 seconds & repeat filter and link.
  7. Open Periscope app. Wait! 
  8. Open Twitter app, check the current trending hashtag. Close Twitter. 
  9. Re-open Periscope TV app. Put in hashtag. NO! Close it! 
  10. Go to music playlist and pick the soundtrack that fits best with what fits the scenery. Oh good. 15 ready to go NYC playlist.
  11. Open up Periscope TV app. Input hashtag within the title & @PeriscopeTV. Press GO LIVE. 
  12. 10 minutes to 30 minutes go by, I end the scope. 
  13. Open up Twitter. ReTweet & Thank your viewers individually. 
  14. If I still have the energy, I’ll go back to Instagram and do a five minute LIVE stream. Facebook * Depends…. 

When I do a walk around the city, I would repeat this for at least 10 to 15 times. 

It has been one year, since I’ve done my crazy daily routine on all my social media platforms. The planned ones were a little complicated. I’ll save that for another blog post. 

To be continued…. Part 2