instagram blog – post 3

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We are driven by ambition. Often from our idols on social media. Notifications are turned on. Plenty of screen captures we look at for daily inspiration. Once in a while we catch them live in person. Wow, they liked & Retweet me 😍
Back in the days before social media, we watched our heroes on television, cut out & save articles from newspapers and magazines, we posted them on our walls too. It’s what kept us motivated every day.
Great! Leave it that way!
Another life lesson I had to learn.
Social media today makes it easy for us to reach our idols. If we’re lucky, we meet them in person, spend a moment or so. And in rare occasions, they take us under their wings to show us the ropes of the trade.
It’s a fairy tale come true.
“Be careful what you wish for”
It can lead to permanent damage.
Now. I still struggle & often say to myself, I should have kept it at the television.
It was my choice to pursue my fantasy.
Not all situations lead to this. Many are living their dreams because their idol became mentors.
And on those extreme rare occasions, they became victims of sexual abuse.
No. That never happened to me. I’m just stating facts from what have been on the news of today.
The gist of this blog is, be wise, think thoroughly, don’t be blinded by the outward appearance.
πŸ’™ – Tim


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