instagram blog – post 4


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“Even after all these years.”
One of my major weakness is being in front of the camera. Not pictures, but πŸŽ¬πŸŽ™οΈπŸŽ₯ interviewing, being interviewed, vlogging, and on LIVE stream.
I’ve gotten the hang being on #PeriscopeTV Only because the broadcasts were specific.
I had a theme, script, and timed per music piece. Within the #VIP cohort, we had timed segments to our broadcasts. 10 – 25 minutes. I would do my research, time my script to the scenery, add the music, then tada = a nice LIVE segment.
The thing was, I was behind the camera/phone. If one would see me behind it, I’m holding the phone with my left hand, with headphones & cord attached to an external battery, my right hand clutching to a mini pad of paper with my script. All at the same time paying attention to the live comments on my feed.
Now, put me in front of the camera, that’s where I lack self confidence. I know it takes time & practice. And I’m willing to do it. I am. I don’t want to keep hiding away from live streaming & vlogging. Because I do enjoy it. My brain just need to be on the right state of mind.
When I get interviewed, I look like a complex doofus. The words escape me, so the editing just narrows down my clip into less than 4 words…. 😩
My mind race & freezes. Yup. Dear in headlights look, and cue in the crickets sound bit.
I haven’t had a bad experience interviewing someone. I’ve been lucky that they talk & have been seasoned to taking control. But I haven’t had experience on interviewing someone for an hour. Having an array of topics and questions, responding, and actually challenging their words. The classic journalist.
I know, not all are meant to be in that role. It takes a special rare skill. Either you have it or you don’t. But I at least want to challenge myself. Especially for the year 2018. To creep out from my cave and tackle my fear.
So let’s see, shall we? πŸ’™ Tim

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