Tuesday Thoughts

We often reflect on life when we experience tragedy. Sometimes it’s when we attend funeral. We promise ourselves to live every day to the fullest. Though, human nature, we forget and gravitate back to negativity. Individuals who spend all day venting what’s wrong with their lives or someone else’s. Yes, reality isn’t all bright and colorful. We go through days where it’s impossible to maintain that happiness and positive outlook. Yesterday, I watched Yvonne Dowlen’s story on YouTube. “I guess some people can direct their lives, but I kind of just let mine happen,”



Jul 5, 1925 – May 2, 2016


I always remember her at skating competitions, she maintained a low profile. She loved figure skating. Yvonne kept her life simple, she did what she loved.

I’m sure, we all have spent precious time with our elders. They offer us wisdom. Some tend to say, well they lived through a different era. What we went through and are experiencing emotionally, they’ve been there. We can always gather perspective to reflect on the present and the future. I hope this post make you smile and be inspired. Don’t be easy to react on negativity. Let them. Look out after yourself first. Your mental health and well being. As much as it’s tempting to put them in their place, spend it on laughter & kindness.


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