YouTube & Goal

Personally, I need to do this. I want to do this. My goal is to get out of my shell and be confident in front of the camera. My journey as a YouTuber begins. I will release my first video on February. Please click on the link below and subscribe. The current video is a mini clip of my trip to The Philippines on March 2016. It doesn’t reflect on what I’ll be creating. As you’ll see, I avoided speaking and narrating. Because I feel insecure speaking in front of the camera. There’s something wrong with my tongue or something lol. When I talk there’s a lisp. Anyways, like I said, I promise to myself I will tackle my disabilities head on & do what’s necessary to achieve my goal.


#BeforeILeaveThisWorld I want to:

1. Make people smile & laugh
2. Build a home for abandoned infants & children in Philippines
3. Build a home (in Philippines) for girls & women who are victims of rape
4. Build a home (in Philippines) for LGBT youth

I inherited land in Bataan, Philippines and this is my goal. I was born in an orphanage in Philippines. My mother was a victim of rape. Father, unknown. CRIBS orphanage gave me a second chance in life. The American missionaries who founded the orphanage took me in their home and introduced me to my parents.

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