Saturday thoughts

I often get tempted to disable Twitter, instagram, and Snapchat. And just keep this, my website blog. I find myself spending way too much time on social media. My life doesn’t depend on them. I’ve given up on trying to be an influencer on these platforms. In essence, it’s not really me. Deep inside, I yearn for long walks around the city taking pictures, reading from a physical book, and being productive in my daily routines. Yes, I do get that itch, to take out my phone & escape through other people’s posts. And before I know it, an hour have passed by. An hour where I could have cleaned and organized, read and learn something new, watched a documentary, and spent time with family and pets. I’m already 38 years old, I don’t want to spend the remainder of my life devoted to social media.

1 thought on “Saturday thoughts”

  1. I hear you, my friend. I know that I need routine: I feel better, I’m more engaged at work, I even make better eating choices. But something in me fights very, very hard against that, and I usually wind up disorganized, tired, stressed, and eating for comfort rather than nutrition. I’ve overcome this urge for inertia before, but I can’t seem to do it now. So yeah, I hear you – if you find the magic solution, please share! πŸ’›πŸ’šπŸ’œ


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