Social Media Content

To fully understand the statement advice,
“Just Be You!”
And get the conflicting message,
“To be a success, YOU must follow these steps! I did it, and so can you!”
“Be consistent with your content. It’s what defines your brand, which is you!”
Seriously πŸ˜’ it is exhausting keeping up, especially if you are starting from step 1.
Doubts, insecurities, Low Self Esteem, and all those negative things come into effect.
One thing I’ve learned so far, don’t copy & do the same tactic with someone’s chapter 25. It definitely will not work for you, no matter how many times you try. Example, Harry Styles & BeyoncΓ© & Lady Gaga, all can post a comma on Twitter & a speck of dust on instagram – and those will get a million hits. While us, non established, on our knees and upside down, hour$ creating content. Yes, we all need to learn & have that experience making it happen from scratch. Like Gary Vaynerchuk says, Be Patient or Quit.
It is true. The waiting game to success feels like eternity. But, we have to love what we’re doing first. If the main reasons are fame & money, then you just need to quit now. Gist of this post? Heck the theme & carefully curated content. We all only live once, and if we pick and choose what we share, just because it’s visually matching, then we rob ourselves and others on what we hold back. Think of the moments that you could have shared.


* You don’t need to be shirtless, have abs, using apps to clear blemishes, and all that. If your post isn’t flooded with likes, as you expected, don’t worry – don’t delete it, it’ll be discovered & appreciated in the future *

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