Periscope TV 🗺️ Year 3

Though, I am transitioning over to Vero, I would like to share my past chapters.
One thing I’ve never envisioned on doing is #LiveStreaming 📱 From Bronze, Silver, to VIP Gold Badge on #Periscope #PeriscopeTV I’ve shared #Manhattan #NewYorkCity & more to thousands of people. Periscope a LIVE Streaming app, accessible via #Twitter is celebrating its 3rd year today. Within these 3 years, I’ve challenged myself to create #LIVE content. Using my knowledge of #Music 🎶 I carefully paced & curated my broadcasts.
What I cherish the most are, the people. #Periscopers #Scopers all over the world. Egypt, Japan, France, UK, Germany, Canada, Italy, Israel, parts of Europe & Asia, some of the Middle East, and almost all of the United States, I’ve watched and met through the Periscope app.
It’s a chapter that once in a blue moon I’ll revisit. I often pop in and say hello while they are live broadcasting, and sometimes, when there’s a special occasion, I will go on LIVE.

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