We were born to be real, Not to be perfect

I want to live a happy & healthy life. This need for perfection.. It's ridiculous. Why I'm letting the majority of society dictate my @instagram feed. If I let a theme define my posts, I essentially withhold many moments I could have shared. Within this post, I'm going to be true to myself & openly admit I'm having mental health issues. I note, I am not suicidal. But I find myself crawling into bed & wanting to sleep all day. I easily get discouraged with my goals. I've read, watched videos, and nothing is clicking & snapping me out of my funk. Starting this new feed, my goal is to be true, be real. @sarahrosesummers thank you for this motivation. I will change my ways. No more skin filters. I will stop using face slimming features. I'm tired of feeling insecure. This does not help myself, nor anyone in the present & the future. It gives the wrong message. Thank you for reading my mini rant πŸ˜‡

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Father’s Day – “Unknown Male”

To my father, who will forever be “Unknown Male”, ever since I’ve learned my adoption details on a 11×17 sepia colored document, I never once had an ill thought against you. I actually thank you. It has been such a blessing & story of fate.
My Grandparents, upon learning my mother’s pregnancy, they decided to send her to CRIBS orphanage. My Grandfather was a TV Movie actor. During that time, 1978, I assume they wanted to keep everything on a down low. Especially due to my mother’s mental condition.
I was in such fragile state, according to the papers. The American Missionary founder took me in their home. Mr. & Mrs. Bradshaw and their children, with their constant love & care, I am alive today.
My adoptive parents, The David’s, were invited for a casual dinner by the Bradshaw’s. During the night, they brought me to Mrs. David’s arms. “He sort of look like you”, she says. Mr. David was amused and agreed.
That night, I, Ricardo Manlapaz, became Timothy David. My childhood is filled with great memories, life lessons, I cherish to this day. The David’s were a family of farmers. They were extremely generous & hospitable to all.
Today, I wish you, “Unknown Male”, my father, a Happy Father’s Day. I realize we may never meet & know each other, but if you ever think of the day of the incident, you have gained a son. And I thank you.