2018 – Staying Fit


Staying motivated is a struggle for many. I often make a deal to myself, “Just go, get on that elliptical & treadmill for 5 minutes, and if I really am not feeling it, then leave.” I end up continuing my routine.

At this point in my life, I need to be consistent on staying fit. Not to parade around shirtless, but to reduce my need using the inhaler. I’ve never had asthma growing up. It just sprung out of nowhere during my 30’s. Doctors diagnosed me with, “exercise induced asthma” πŸ˜‘ I hate it. Currently I’m 170 pounds. When I get down to my normal weight, 140 lbs, I’m ok. I use my inhaler less. It’s really hellish being overweight. Whenever I tie my shoe laces, my chest begins to feel heavy, and I get shortness of breath.. Odd & Scary.

I got hit by this damn flu πŸ€§πŸ€’ after the New Year, now I’m 98% better. I’m looking forward to starting my regimen this weekend.