Live Life with No Edits & No Filters

We scroll through countless of photos during the day for different reasons, looking for inspiration & entertainment. Unfortunately sometimes it would turn into an obsession. Social Media Envy. It’s a daily struggle one finds itself. My hope for writing this today is to reach individuals who are struggling with it. Because it turns into anxiety and depression. Yes, I would find myself taking multiple pictures, making sure it covers my flaws. Stomach Belly Fat mostly. Facial scars can be smoothed out with an app. But I have to make sure the pose is what I’ve rehearsed in the mirror. Making sure it’s a flattering. Ugh 😣 We only have one life to live, I don’t want to waste time worrying & obsessing about stupid superficiality. This is my #2018 #instagram #NewYearsResolution.

So I don’t have 1K Likes . That doesn’t take away the picture & moment I share. So I don’t have 10K to a Million followers. I know that the people are following me enjoy my content on a daily basis. While my feed doesn’t fall in the category of a theme, like how everyone suggests (and most likely will never be), in my heart, what I have captured and posted, meant a lot to me. 

My current change of ways I credit to discovering @garyvee on instagram. Gary’s posts don’t beat around the bush. It’s what this era needs. #TagTeam2018


instagram blog – post 2

insta blog 2


The worst thing I’ve done to myself is to let superficiality affect me. Times have not changed since Elementary, Middle, High School, and today. People judge others by their looks & race. I’ve also learned & experienced a great deal within my #LGBT community.
I’ve gotten obsessed with masking my flaws. From using picture filters & memorized poses to cover my current belly fat. With the majority of posts on #socialmedia is how to look perfect, it is difficult not to be insecure. I will start a new chapter on embracing #selfcare #selfLove #FeelGood #LookGood with #NoFilter #NoEdit
#BornThisWay @ladygaga #LadyGaga
@garyvee #TagTeam2018