Figure Skating β›Έ


Then 1994 – Now 2018
Every Friday night, Saturday morning & night, Sunday afternoon – were my skating days. Spending 3.5 to 4.5 hours a day. I would always use #music to motivate me. Improvising to so many genres of music, while warming up & practicing my jumps and spins. It hasn’t changed today. Except it’s only 1.0 – 1.5 hrs on ice. By now, everything is muscle memory. Before, I was learning to be consistent with each technique. Training my body & brain for all scenarios were essential. From feeling tired, sick, nervous & hyper. When that moment comes, to compete and perform, then your body goes completely numb, especially the knees, you dig deep & trust your training. Yes, I went through many seasons falling on a different element or sometimes the same. Skaters often “put out” new elements on exhibitions and competitions to get your body and brain acquainted. Almost all go through those seemingly painful falls. Then one season, everything clicks. Consistency & Confidence kicks in = “Clean skate” – Looking effortless come into play. I look forward to returning on competition ice this March & April. To feel in one with the music and getting lost in the feeling again, I am excited. Being a Dancer on stage is different, the ice gives me a huge canvas to express choreography boldy. The crunch and hiss the blades make on the ice, just takes me into a Zen πŸŽ‹