Tuesday Thoughts

We often reflect on life when we experience tragedy. Sometimes it’s when we attend funeral. We promise ourselves to live every day to the fullest. Though, human nature, we forget and gravitate back to negativity. Individuals who spend all day venting what’s wrong with their lives or someone else’s. Yes, reality isn’t all bright and colorful. We go through days where it’s impossible to maintain that happiness and positive outlook. Yesterday, I watched Yvonne Dowlen’s story on YouTube. β€œI guess some people can direct their lives, but I kind of just let mine happen,”



Jul 5, 1925 – May 2, 2016


I always remember her at skating competitions, she maintained a low profile. She loved figure skating. Yvonne kept her life simple, she did what she loved.

I’m sure, we all have spent precious time with our elders. They offer us wisdom. Some tend to say, well they lived through a different era. What we went through and are experiencing emotionally, they’ve been there. We can always gather perspective to reflect on the present and the future. I hope this post make you smile and be inspired. Don’t be easy to react on negativity. Let them. Look out after yourself first. Your mental health and well being. As much as it’s tempting to put them in their place, spend it on laughter & kindness.



Photography πŸ“Έ


Ever since I was 8 yrs old, I’ve fallen in love with the Art of taking photos. I took pride capturing moments. Oh the days of buying film & carefully placing it inside the camera. Keeping an eye on that meter, being picky with what I capture. Click * then adjust to the next film with my thumb. That sound and feeling when there’s no more film. The waiting game of getting your pictures developed. Then that moment comes when you get that envelope, you tear open that sticky paper, reliving the pictures and moments in order it was taken. Carefully not smudging it with your fingerprint. Cringing at photos I shouldn’t have captured. After seeing the last glossy picture, “Eh…. Next time” I then arrange it to my photo album book. I’ve always felt 50/50 with what I created. Fast forward to 2005 when I got my Sanyo flip phone, it had a built in camera. It was a great feeling, having a camera and phone all in one. I then would own a Palm, Blackberry, iPhone, then finally my trusty Samsung Android device. I’ve gone through all the Galaxy Notes, now my s8. I’ve also used Cannon, as I needed for zooming. These past couple of years I have volunteered at festivals & parade, to test myself. I bought a professional Cannon & shot on Auto. It was a great learning experience. Rookie me – taking over 5K photos for my first event, the Cherry Blossom Festival & Parade in DC. After selecting & editing, I produced 300 memorable photos. I then continued to document several more. DC Memorial Day Parade & Pride. I learned a lot & value the experience. But I decided not to pursue it as my livelihood. I’ll just keep it as a hobby. There are thousands of photographers today capturing moments with high caliber cameras, taking helicopter rides, using drones, & venturing untouched places. Me, I’m happiest with my #mobilephotography excursions.

Thanks for reading πŸ“±β€οΈπŸ“Έ


2018 – Staying Fit


Staying motivated is a struggle for many. I often make a deal to myself, “Just go, get on that elliptical & treadmill for 5 minutes, and if I really am not feeling it, then leave.” I end up continuing my routine.

At this point in my life, I need to be consistent on staying fit. Not to parade around shirtless, but to reduce my need using the inhaler. I’ve never had asthma growing up. It just sprung out of nowhere during my 30’s. Doctors diagnosed me with, “exercise induced asthma” πŸ˜‘ I hate it. Currently I’m 170 pounds. When I get down to my normal weight, 140 lbs, I’m ok. I use my inhaler less. It’s really hellish being overweight. Whenever I tie my shoe laces, my chest begins to feel heavy, and I get shortness of breath.. Odd & Scary.

I got hit by this damn flu πŸ€§πŸ€’ after the New Year, now I’m 98% better. I’m looking forward to starting my regimen this weekend. 


Figure Skating β›Έ


Then 1994 – Now 2018
Every Friday night, Saturday morning & night, Sunday afternoon – were my skating days. Spending 3.5 to 4.5 hours a day. I would always use #music to motivate me. Improvising to so many genres of music, while warming up & practicing my jumps and spins. It hasn’t changed today. Except it’s only 1.0 – 1.5 hrs on ice. By now, everything is muscle memory. Before, I was learning to be consistent with each technique. Training my body & brain for all scenarios were essential. From feeling tired, sick, nervous & hyper. When that moment comes, to compete and perform, then your body goes completely numb, especially the knees, you dig deep & trust your training. Yes, I went through many seasons falling on a different element or sometimes the same. Skaters often “put out” new elements on exhibitions and competitions to get your body and brain acquainted. Almost all go through those seemingly painful falls. Then one season, everything clicks. Consistency & Confidence kicks in = “Clean skate” – Looking effortless come into play. I look forward to returning on competition ice this March & April. To feel in one with the music and getting lost in the feeling again, I am excited. Being a Dancer on stage is different, the ice gives me a huge canvas to express choreography boldy. The crunch and hiss the blades make on the ice, just takes me into a Zen πŸŽ‹


instagram blog – post 4


DSKKvfwWAAEu9yo.jpg large

“Even after all these years.”
One of my major weakness is being in front of the camera. Not pictures, but πŸŽ¬πŸŽ™οΈπŸŽ₯ interviewing, being interviewed, vlogging, and on LIVE stream.
I’ve gotten the hang being on #PeriscopeTV Only because the broadcasts were specific.
I had a theme, script, and timed per music piece. Within the #VIP cohort, we had timed segments to our broadcasts. 10 – 25 minutes. I would do my research, time my script to the scenery, add the music, then tada = a nice LIVE segment.
The thing was, I was behind the camera/phone. If one would see me behind it, I’m holding the phone with my left hand, with headphones & cord attached to an external battery, my right hand clutching to a mini pad of paper with my script. All at the same time paying attention to the live comments on my feed.
Now, put me in front of the camera, that’s where I lack self confidence. I know it takes time & practice. And I’m willing to do it. I am. I don’t want to keep hiding away from live streaming & vlogging. Because I do enjoy it. My brain just need to be on the right state of mind.
When I get interviewed, I look like a complex doofus. The words escape me, so the editing just narrows down my clip into less than 4 words…. 😩
My mind race & freezes. Yup. Dear in headlights look, and cue in the crickets sound bit.
I haven’t had a bad experience interviewing someone. I’ve been lucky that they talk & have been seasoned to taking control. But I haven’t had experience on interviewing someone for an hour. Having an array of topics and questions, responding, and actually challenging their words. The classic journalist.
I know, not all are meant to be in that role. It takes a special rare skill. Either you have it or you don’t. But I at least want to challenge myself. Especially for the year 2018. To creep out from my cave and tackle my fear.
So let’s see, shall we? πŸ’™ Tim


instagram blog – post 3

DSIZt4oVwAAbmfN.jpg large

We are driven by ambition. Often from our idols on social media. Notifications are turned on. Plenty of screen captures we look at for daily inspiration. Once in a while we catch them live in person. Wow, they liked & Retweet me 😍
Back in the days before social media, we watched our heroes on television, cut out & save articles from newspapers and magazines, we posted them on our walls too. It’s what kept us motivated every day.
Great! Leave it that way!
Another life lesson I had to learn.
Social media today makes it easy for us to reach our idols. If we’re lucky, we meet them in person, spend a moment or so. And in rare occasions, they take us under their wings to show us the ropes of the trade.
It’s a fairy tale come true.
“Be careful what you wish for”
It can lead to permanent damage.
Now. I still struggle & often say to myself, I should have kept it at the television.
It was my choice to pursue my fantasy.
Not all situations lead to this. Many are living their dreams because their idol became mentors.
And on those extreme rare occasions, they became victims of sexual abuse.
No. That never happened to me. I’m just stating facts from what have been on the news of today.
The gist of this blog is, be wise, think thoroughly, don’t be blinded by the outward appearance.
πŸ’™ – Tim



My Goal


I am extremely grateful for CRIBS orphanage, Mr. & Mrs. Bradshaw, and my adoptive parents.

Giving me a second chance in life. Being raised from a family with charitable hearts.

My Grandmother left her legacy with a school for the underprivileged, a home for the aged – abandoned, neglected, and sick. (Bataan, Philippines)Β 

My goal is to use the land I inherited, and build a compound of houses for abandoned, surrendered, neglected infants & children – in hopes they could be adopted or placwd with their birth families.

Another home for girls, to offer healing & recovery from being sexually abused.

I feel so blessed to be alive. My adoptive parents & I migrated here to the United States on October of 1992. They help nurture my interests, hobbies, and aspirations.

On March 2010 & April 2011, I Directed, Produced, and co-founded “One Step Closer” – a Figure Skating exhibition to Benefit the AIDS Resource Foundation for Children πŸ’™

I write this, in hopes I can spread awareness of my cause & mission.