Live Life with No Edits & No Filters

We scroll through countless of photos during the day for different reasons, looking for inspiration & entertainment. Unfortunately sometimes it would turn into an obsession. Social Media Envy. It’s a daily struggle one finds itself. My hope for writing this today is to reach individuals who are struggling with it. Because it turns into anxiety and depression. Yes, I would find myself taking multiple pictures, making sure it covers my flaws. Stomach Belly Fat mostly. Facial scars can be smoothed out with an app. But I have to make sure the pose is what I’ve rehearsed in the mirror. Making sure it’s a flattering. Ugh 😣 We only have one life to live, I don’t want to waste time worrying & obsessing about stupid superficiality. This is my #2018 #instagram #NewYearsResolution.

So I don’t have 1K Likes . That doesn’t take away the picture & moment I share. So I don’t have 10K to a Million followers. I know that the people are following me enjoy my content on a daily basis. While my feed doesn’t fall in the category of a theme, like how everyone suggests (and most likely will never be), in my heart, what I have captured and posted, meant a lot to me. 

My current change of ways I credit to discovering @garyvee on instagram. Gary’s posts don’t beat around the bush. It’s what this era needs. #TagTeam2018


instagram blog – post 1


insta blog 1

2018 will be the year I face my insecurities & disabilities, and turn my outlook around.
Life is too short.
I’ve had a lot of start ups, but not following through.
I want to build a foundation of true following. Not Follow for Follow. Not Like for Like. I want to connect with real people. People who are struggling daily with thoughts, identity, and purpose. The path is already there. I just need to know what hat to put on.
If something make me smile & laugh, I want to share it with all of you. It made my day better, perhaps it’ll make yours too.
I’m here to get inspired & hope to inspire.
The “merch” I offer are daily smiles, laughter, and inspiration.
Through here, on my instagram, will be my personal journey. A journey of self change.
I’ve struggled to remain consistent with my social media platforms. Due to the fact I’ve done so many things in the past. From being a Figure Skater, Dancer, Photographer, and Periscoper. Before I know it, my content & following were all over the place.
My thoughts & motives get diluted with “viral” & gawking at other people’s successes, then of course, my message gets muddy and insincere. Getting caught up with attaining verification most likely left a hole in my image. So, like everything else, I dust myself off & try again.

I am inspired by @garyvee passion for inner change. Telling it how it is. I love it. No sugar coating anything.