Capturing moments

We live in a world where everything is captured. Whether it is on video or picture. There is no right or wrong with one’s capture or interpretation. We may not see the likes, comments, and accolades of the piece today, but someday – either 20 or 30 years, or even way after when we are gone, it will be analyzed and admired. Enjoy capturing moments & sharing with all social media platforms. What I tell myself & try my hardest to abide, “Take it, Admire it, Share it, & Forget it. Next!” Looking over how many likes or if it hits the trend list.. Pshhh Leave it! The amount of time I waste on checking my like meter, I could have been gazing at nature, reading a physical book, admiring other photographs & watching inspiring films.
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Photography ๐Ÿ“ธ


Ever since I was 8 yrs old, I’ve fallen in love with the Art of taking photos. I took pride capturing moments. Oh the days of buying film & carefully placing it inside the camera. Keeping an eye on that meter, being picky with what I capture. Click * then adjust to the next film with my thumb. That sound and feeling when there’s no more film. The waiting game of getting your pictures developed. Then that moment comes when you get that envelope, you tear open that sticky paper, reliving the pictures and moments in order it was taken. Carefully not smudging it with your fingerprint. Cringing at photos I shouldn’t have captured. After seeing the last glossy picture, “Eh…. Next time” I then arrange it to my photo album book. I’ve always felt 50/50 with what I created. Fast forward to 2005 when I got my Sanyo flip phone, it had a built in camera. It was a great feeling, having a camera and phone all in one. I then would own a Palm, Blackberry, iPhone, then finally my trusty Samsung Android device. I’ve gone through all the Galaxy Notes, now my s8. I’ve also used Cannon, as I needed for zooming. These past couple of years I have volunteered at festivals & parade, to test myself. I bought a professional Cannon & shot on Auto. It was a great learning experience. Rookie me – taking over 5K photos for my first event, the Cherry Blossom Festival & Parade in DC. After selecting & editing, I produced 300 memorable photos. I then continued to document several more. DC Memorial Day Parade & Pride. I learned a lot & value the experience. But I decided not to pursue it as my livelihood. I’ll just keep it as a hobby. There are thousands of photographers today capturing moments with high caliber cameras, taking helicopter rides, using drones, & venturing untouched places. Me, I’m happiest with my #mobilephotography excursions.

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Tim David Photography

Loving it


My photography might not be on the same pattern like everything that is out there.  It is way too early to define my style.  Some, are meant to be generic for post card memory purposes.  Others, are purely experimental & I am pleased with it.  It makes me smile whenever I look back at them.
That’s all that matters to me. The pleasure of taking pictures & enjoying them after.
If one or two sees what I see, I am grateful & is icing to my piece.