Inspired by Gary Vaynerchuk

I’ve been so picky with what I post here on instagram. Many have probably noticed, my short experiments. Trying to see what works & if it’ll fit in the instagram theme. Well, I’m deciding to screw it!
Inspired by @garyvee #GaryVee Gary Vaynerchuk instagram post, I’ll upload often. Really, #YOLO #YouOnlyLiveOnce
I don’t want to pull back on something I would like to share, just because it won’t fit in my profile. Why I gravitate thinking about stupid shit, “Likes” & “Stick with a theme”



A Snapchat MUST

Starting out at Snapchat you probably add 3 to 10 people.  But after a while, you start itching to explore new users.  Not everyone is familiar with GhostCodes.

GhostCodes is an app you can download on your Apple or Android device. It is FREE!


GhostCodes has many categories that you can discover hundreds of other people. You can easily download & collect SnapCodes and usernames. Check out their categories.

categories 2

categories 1categories 3

As you can see there are so many ways you can discover other Snapchatters.

PS: Don’t forget to be generous & spread kudos as often 😉


Snapchat journey – Day 2

I’m excited to dive into my second day of Snapchat Story-Telling. Surprisingly it didn’t feel odd, as I thought it would be. I took all of you on a moment by moment journey what it is like to be a New Yorker. More today 🤓📱

I did my homework. Watched Snaps of @carlosgil83 @kyle.coghlan @rhodes411 @lakserytteren @cyreneq @shaunayala @danny_berk @shonduras @didi_rio @taylornikolai

Thank you ☺ so much. 

I am inspired to do my best & hope I can walk the teal carpet on @shortyawards 

And now I feel confident to share with all of you my SnapStory daily. See you all on Snapchat 👻