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We are driven by ambition. Often from our idols on social media. Notifications are turned on. Plenty of screen captures we look at for daily inspiration. Once in a while we catch them live in person. Wow, they liked & Retweet me 😍
Back in the days before social media, we watched our heroes on television, cut out & save articles from newspapers and magazines, we posted them on our walls too. It’s what kept us motivated every day.
Great! Leave it that way!
Another life lesson I had to learn.
Social media today makes it easy for us to reach our idols. If we’re lucky, we meet them in person, spend a moment or so. And in rare occasions, they take us under their wings to show us the ropes of the trade.
It’s a fairy tale come true.
“Be careful what you wish for”
It can lead to permanent damage.
Now. I still struggle & often say to myself, I should have kept it at the television.
It was my choice to pursue my fantasy.
Not all situations lead to this. Many are living their dreams because their idol became mentors.
And on those extreme rare occasions, they became victims of sexual abuse.
No. That never happened to me. I’m just stating facts from what have been on the news of today.
The gist of this blog is, be wise, think thoroughly, don’t be blinded by the outward appearance.
πŸ’™ – Tim



instagram blog – post 1


insta blog 1

2018 will be the year I face my insecurities & disabilities, and turn my outlook around.
Life is too short.
I’ve had a lot of start ups, but not following through.
I want to build a foundation of true following. Not Follow for Follow. Not Like for Like. I want to connect with real people. People who are struggling daily with thoughts, identity, and purpose. The path is already there. I just need to know what hat to put on.
If something make me smile & laugh, I want to share it with all of you. It made my day better, perhaps it’ll make yours too.
I’m here to get inspired & hope to inspire.
The “merch” I offer are daily smiles, laughter, and inspiration.
Through here, on my instagram, will be my personal journey. A journey of self change.
I’ve struggled to remain consistent with my social media platforms. Due to the fact I’ve done so many things in the past. From being a Figure Skater, Dancer, Photographer, and Periscoper. Before I know it, my content & following were all over the place.
My thoughts & motives get diluted with “viral” & gawking at other people’s successes, then of course, my message gets muddy and insincere. Getting caught up with attaining verification most likely left a hole in my image. So, like everything else, I dust myself off & try again.

I am inspired by @garyvee passion for inner change. Telling it how it is. I love it. No sugar coating anything.


My Goal


I am extremely grateful for CRIBS orphanage, Mr. & Mrs. Bradshaw, and my adoptive parents.

Giving me a second chance in life. Being raised from a family with charitable hearts.

My Grandmother left her legacy with a school for the underprivileged, a home for the aged – abandoned, neglected, and sick. (Bataan, Philippines)Β 

My goal is to use the land I inherited, and build a compound of houses for abandoned, surrendered, neglected infants & children – in hopes they could be adopted or placwd with their birth families.

Another home for girls, to offer healing & recovery from being sexually abused.

I feel so blessed to be alive. My adoptive parents & I migrated here to the United States on October of 1992. They help nurture my interests, hobbies, and aspirations.

On March 2010 & April 2011, I Directed, Produced, and co-founded “One Step Closer” – a Figure Skating exhibition to Benefit the AIDS Resource Foundation for Children πŸ’™

I write this, in hopes I can spread awareness of my cause & mission.


SKATING Magazine article (2014)


“Tim David is his own toughest critic.Β  The skating director at Lasker Skating Rink in New York’s Central Park, David has spent two decades pushing himself to be the best he can be on the ice.

“Skating used to be all competitive in my head” David said. “Nowadays, it’s all about music interpretation”

A regular at the U.S. Adult Championships David is adamant about testing himself regularly.Β  His goal for the past decade has been to pass his adult gold free skate test and compete in the championship gold men’s event at the U.S. Adult Championships.

His close circle of skating friends and heroes include 1994 Olympic champion Oksana Baiul and 1995 U.S. champion Nicole Bobek.

“Ever since Oksana told me it’s all in my head, I’ve tested myself on the ice, firing off elements by just stepping on and doing one-lap or less” David said.

He has a formula for weekly training in advance of a competition or show: three months beforehand – three days: two months beforehand – four days: the month of the event – five to six days.

“Skating’s much harder as an adult when stamina and metabolism slow down” he said. “I have to work three times harder on and off the ice”

When he does compete at the U.S. Adult Championships, he can count on coaching support from Doug Mattis and Doug Razzano.

David began skating immediately following the 1994 Olympic Winter Games and the Tonya Harding – Nancy Kerrigan saga.Β  He has invested much effort to succeed through his involvement in skating, including founding, directing, and producing a figure skating benefit for the AIDS Resource Foundation for Children in 2010 & 2011.

“I love having so much support from the figure skating community, my friends and family” David said.

When not skating, David enjoys taking scenic photographs on walks around New York City.


Confessions from last Skating season

Confessions from last Skating season.

Here I am, summer time, facing the skating season ahead.
Last season, I had everything set up accordingly. Month by Month. When the time came the week of competition, I had nothing to give, not even a waltz jump – if necessary.
I look back now & honestly reflect what went wrong & what I could have done differently.

Social Media:
I had let myself get caught up attaining VIP Gold level status. Planning all my broadcasts ahead of time.
Scripts, Music, Events, Locations.
I became so immersed with creating content. It was a month before I was set to compete, my viewership did not hit Periscope’s numbers to hit Gold. So I of course became more furious & knew I had to step it up once again.
I should have been focusing on getting my equipment & program together.
I was known in the past as the last minute skater. I would decide my program the week of competition or exhibition. But of course, I was in shape. I had high confidence that I will be able to hit everything & emote whatever piece I choose.
This time was different. I am older & things do not come naturally. From eating everything in sight, my center is so off, it’s somewhere in the Antartica.

I know, it is silly & foolish of myself to let Social Media dictate my time. But if you know me, I don’t do things half ass. It has to be right & have the ability to be on the same level as the rest of the high caliber Periscopers. Plus, I’m over competitive, a trait I’ve developed as a Dancer & a Skater.

7 months – until Sectionals & Nationals.

Another chance to erase my failures of
2008, 2009, 2012, 2013, 2017.